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Newborn Lifestyle Photography

You just had your baby and you are ready to capture all of the little details. When scheduling a newborn session you should first decide what type of photos are you interested in. Are you wanting a studio session with different backgrounds and baskets, or are you thinking more of an at home lifestyle session?

With a lifestyle session, I travel to your home and we capture everyday life with a mixture of kodak moments, smiling at the camera, and just being in the moment. With us being at your home we are free to capture a baby bathtime, a clothing change, and all the intimate daily details.

Once you have decided between studio and lifestyle photos, its time to schedule a session. With newborn sessions, the best time to get those sleepy pictures is within the first 7-10 days! To help with sleepy photos a white noise machine, heating pad, or mini heater are all great tools to have nearby.


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