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An Adoption full of Love

October 21, 2018 would be a day full of emotion, love, fear, hope, and prayer. Jordyn gave birth to Sadie Lynn that day. With her husband, Taylor by her side, she fought for her life and barely made it out alive. She experienced severe hemorrhaging that led to her losing a third of the blood in her body. The doctor's only explanation was that she had a "bad uterus." She would be able to get pregnant again and more than likely carry a baby to term, but during the birth there would be a huge possibility that the hemorrhaging would occur again, and a very possible chance that it wouldn't stop. Jordyn, looking for answers, asked about the possibility of a c section as an alternative. The doctor told her that if she would have had a c section with Sadie, she wouldn't be alive today.

Their dreams of a big family seemed impossible. When Sadie was 9 months old they talked about how cool it would be if Sadie had a sibling, and how sad it was that she wouldn't have that experience in life. One night they were watching "instant family" and they were instantly convinced that fostering and adoption was the path they wanted to take. They knew their child didn't need to have their DNA or blood to be loved and be a part of their family. They looked into adoption agencies but hated how impersonal they were. Jordyn stumbled upon a Facebook group that connected birth mothers and adoptive mothers. After digging a little deeper she posted a photo of Taylor, her and Sadie on the beach with the most beautiful sunset behind her, added her birth story and reason for wanting to adopt and then logged off to make dinner.

2 hours later she got a message from Nikki, the birth mother. After questions, conversations, the possibility began to grow. They couldn't believe it and had doubts in the beginning. They expected the process to take years. As the process went on their doubts began to fade. The day they found out the baby was a boy was the day they became 100% set on trying to bring the sweet baby boy home.

They began the intense process of an out of state adoption, once Nikki said that she wanted Taylor and Jordyn to be the parents they contacted an attorney and completed about a years worth of preparation in about 2 months. From meetings, paperwork, online classes, phone calls with Florida attorneys, and family messages they never had time to catch their breath.

The time came for them to head to Florida, it didn't seem real. They had heard of birth parents changing their mind and as hard as that would be they would never be mad or upset and would never take that right away from the parents. From the moment they arrived in Florida, until the time the papers were signed they knew that possibility would remain.

At the hospital they met Nikki and her family and everything felt so right. They shared the same room with Nikki and her family during the time after birth. Together they fed him, bathed him, and got to know each other. Taylor and Jordyn wanted Nikki to have as much time as she needed with Oakley Pace (Pace is Nikkis town in Florida so he will remember his roots.) and left her alone with him overnight and one on one time.

The time came for Nikki to sign the paperwork, they held their breath and waited. The papers were signed and they stayed in the hospital until Nikki was discharged. As they were going down the elevator and leaving the hospital, Jordyn knew Oakley would have so much love in his life.

On Oakley's first birthday Jordyn and Nikki popped Champagne and solidified their motherhood bond. They made a pact to make their meetings a yearly tradition to celebrate the birth of Oakley Pace.


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