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My Top Fav Outdoor locations In Central Illinois

You are ready to schedule your family photos and you have no idea where to go for outdoor photos. When scheduling family photos, I always make sure to ask my families what they like to do, or if they have any favorite spots they hang out at or traditions they do frequently. (ie family date nights at a restaurant, or park) It is always a blast to do a location that is personalized to the family.

Sometimes, when you start thinking of your family likes you start to draw a blank. Here is a list of general locations that happen to be my favs.

ICC Horticulture Center, East Peoria IL

For variety this place is amazing! It is perfect for the family who wants different scenery in one location. From tall pine trees at the disc golf course to tall grasses, flowers, gazebos, a little pond, and so much more this location seems to have it all! Each season tends to present a different variety of scenes as well. The evening sunset is a perfect capture here with the golden glow of the evening sun spanning over the wildflowers. Pets are included in parts of the park but are restricted in some areas.

Farmdale Reservoir

This is the perfect location for those who would like to do a little hiking or play in the creek. There is an overlook that looks over a beautiful scene of trees and the creek path, tall grasses, open fields, and one of the cleanest creeks around. There is walking involved at this location but the trails are fairly easy to navigate through. As the sun goes down make sure to bring bug spray as it is near a creek and reservoir. This location is completely pet friendly.

Bradley Park

This is a more commonly used location. I tend to use it during the fall season as the trees surrounding you are full of color. There are a few bridges here as well and some rock walls. Photo places are widely spread out so there may be some driving involved or walking.

Downtown Peoria

This is for the family/senior photos that love that rustic charm and grunge. There are a lot of really cool old buildings and locations to capture images. There is some walking and driving involved. Since this is a more popular spot you may see other families and photographers out and about. There are also a couple of parking decks that you can take photos at the top for a change of scenery view.

Donovan Park, Peoria IL

This location is perfect for families interested in weeping willow trees and ponds. There are tall grasses and a little rock stairway as well. This is also a lovely place to do those Golden Hour photos as the sun begins to set.

This is only a few of some local gems. Once we have a conversation about what you are truly looking for the possibilities are endless.

A few runner up contenders: Your favorite place to grab a snack, Eureka Lake, Round One, a local carnival or town event.

I look forward to discussing the best location for you and your family and capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

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