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Overcoming Addiction

Kayla suffered from mental illness at a young age, depression anxiety disorders, and watching loved ones fall apart from addiction and rebellion. She found comfort in drugs. For the first time in her life she felt like a normal person. Soon partying and having fun turned into a nightmare. Without the pills, Kayla couldn't function, due to the sweats and vomiting and cravings beyond explanation. After awhile, the pills weren't enough, she needed more.

Kayla said "Resorting to the needle, it took everything I ever had and ever loved. It took my bed from underneath my head. It took the love from my heart and it hid my morals away in a locked box somewhere in my heart. After losing my child to dcfs and losing my home, I almost lost my life to overdose several times. Almost lost my life to infection from the needles. 1 year ago after rehabs and jails and institutions I finally found the strength to rise above what my mind and body thought was the love of my life. I found the person who was hiding behind addiction and have fought my way back to the real me hidden under the surface. I have broken free from the ropes and chains of active addiction and everyday I fight to conquer the demon inside. I pray everyday that I can maintain this war inside my mind and everyday continue to take inventory of myself and make myself a better person. Recovery works."

I am doing a series on women overcoming and the emotions behind their journey. We personalize the session to their story. The goal is for the viewer to look at these photos and get a glimpse into the emotions and the struggles behind the image. When I heard of Kayla's one year sobriety I knew we had to capture her journey in a unique way. When looking at these images, they represent being bound by her demons, the feelings of despair and loneliness. Being trapped inside your own head and not being able to break free.

Yet through all the darkness Kayla found her way. Everyday may be a struggle but she continues to fight, for she knows she is fighting for her life, her family, her babies.

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